Introducing: Mr. Bingley!

I met Mr. Bingley out of sheer coincidence one day after visiting the Montreal Biodome with my friend R. As I lingered among the numerous stuffed animals, novelty keychains, and a myriad of other animal-themed gifts and accessories that the Biodome Boutique has to offer, a small brown turtle caught my eye. He was barely noticeable amidst all the other figurines, but I knew he would make a great travel companion. After all, he was a turtle (you’d know why this matters if you read this section).

Mr Bingley

Mr. Bingley is my travel object, an object that I will carry with me from now on, and who I will photograph wherever the wind blows me. Just as my quirks couldn’t annoy you even more (I’m sorry! … Not really), I named Mr. Bingley after Charles Bingley, Fitzwilliam Darcy’s best friend.

Whoooaaa. Wait. What??

Being the major Jane Austen fan that I am, it was my duty to designate my travel object by the name of one of my favourite characters from the novel Pride and Prejudice. Despite his flaws, you can always count on Charles Bingley in remaining light-hearted, charming, full of life, and spontaneous. If those are not great qualities for my travel object, I’m not sure which ones are!

I guess it’s also important for me to mention why I chose a turtle as my travel object. My love for reptiles and turtles aside, I chose a turtle because we have a lot to learn from these intriguing creatures. Sure, turtles are physically restricted, but I like to think that these animals epitomize patience, taking one’s time, and being in the moment. For these reasons, Mr. Bingley will be my constant reminder to slow down and take it all in as I venture off into the wild.

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