Mind The Gap

Tired, invaded by impromptu lady cramps (and the constant changes in body temperature), annoyed by the flight delay, and quite frankly displeased with having to fly given these conditions, it is with much determination (and a lot of energy) that I boarded the plane at the last minute (confusing the gate number with my seat number was quite lovely. I blame Midol). Needless to say, I passed out on the plane and next thing I knew, I was in London (and in a much better place; #timesolveseverything).

Upon landing in a wet and grey London, we were pointedly told to “Mind the gap” as we stepped into the tube and began our adventure. After surviving Piccadilly Line (WHY YOU SO SLOW?!), the ladies and I got acquainted with P’s cousin over a late lunch at Pimlico Fresh. A vegetable lasagne and a long refreshing walk later, we found ourselves surrounded by a horde of busy and noisy tourists (look who’s talking) nearly stepping over each other (I was probably one of them) to get the perfect shot of Westminster Abbey and the Big Ben.


Westminster Abbey and Big Ben


Big Ben

The architectural details and grandiosity of it all pretty much blew my mind and just as I thought it couldn’t get any better, the London sun peeked from out of the clouds, its rays hitting the gold details of our beloved Big Ben. Like I said, mind. blowing.

Walking further down we realized we were too late for the pride parade, but we knew it wasn’t too late for a cold Pimm’s on a terrasse (in our defense, it was Pimm’s O’ Clock).


Pimm's all day err day

…and doing some photography on our way back to M’s place (hello London Eye!).


What then ensued was a taste of the months to come: Packing and repacking and repacking and repacking… Yup. I hadn’t backpacked in a while and had forgotten the steep yet quick learning curve when it comes to the Art Of Packing (and it seems I always make myself forget how horrible packing is… WHY YOU DO THAT, JANICE?!). To give you an idea of the fun we had that night, please enjoy a photo of a desperate P amid an island of clothes, gear, and toiletries. You’re welcome.


P going slightly crazy

Until next time, you will find me either packing (ohhh bloody hell!) or sightseeing London or working on my British accent. Cheerio!

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